Zonable Shipping

Plugin Description:

Zonable shipping is a nopCommerce plugin, which allows you to configure offline calculation method for shipping prices based on zones and weight limits. The zones refer to custom areas defined on Countries, Provinces and Zip code level (pic 1). The weights refer to a range of  the upper limit of the total order weight which is the sum of the weight of each product (pic 2). The delivery price for each zone depends also on the weight of the order (pic 3).

How to use:

  1. Add Delivery dates that you will need
  2. Add Shipping provider
    1. Add zones for the shipping provider
      1. Firstly create the zone with its base settings
      2. Add regions to the zone and define where this zone can ship to
    2. Add weight limits for the shipping provider
    3. Set price for each zone-weight pair
  3. Activate the newly added Shipping provider

How zone regions can be defined:

Combinations Priority of combinations Combination can be in only one Zone Combination can be in one or more Zones
Country Province Zip Code
    4 X
  3 X
  2 X
1 X

  1. Free cells indicate that delivery is available to all provinces and/or Zip codes respectively.
  2. Delivery price is calculated, with priority given to the setting with most shipping details selected (lower the number meaning higher the priority).
  3. Settings with priority number 4 cannot be added if a higher priority (1,2 or 3) is already specified for that country.
  4. Settings with priority number 3 cannot be added if a higher priority (1,2) is already specified for that province within a set country.

Price Calculation breakdown:

  1. Delivery zone and order weight need to be specified.
  2. An empty price field indicates the selected combination of zone/weight is not valid and delivery will not be allowed. If the price field displays a number (incl. zero), the selected options are valid and shipping is allowed.
  3. The next step is calculating Minimum Order Subtotal. If the value is zero – there are no restrictions and the delivery is always allowed. Values over zero indicate that delivery to the specified zone is allowed, but only if the order subtotal is greater than the specified threshold.
  4. If the delivery settings are valid for the zone, the Free Delivery Value is checked to see if free delivery is a possible. Delivery will be free of charge when the Free Delivery value is higher than the Order Subtotal, otherwise a price for the shipping will be calculated instead.
  5. Delivery price = Price + Percentage Of Order Subtotal – when the delivery price is calculated the Price value is taken in account and percentage of the order subtotal is added.

Customer Activity log

Changes made with the PropertyTranslator plugin will be logged as a dedicated activity type called “ComExten Property Translator: Edit Property Value”


The permission to use the Zonable Shipping is defined as  “Admin area. Access Zonable Shipping Plugin”. Only users granted this permission are able to access the plugin.


There are limits for this plugin used with trial license.

They mainly represent restrictions which allows you to configure up to 2 shipping providers with 2 zones and 2 weights. Further limits may appear in trial version.