Property Translator

Property Translator – Documentation

Plugin Description:

The Property Translator is an administrative tool which can help you to find any missing or duplicated translations between of a property in two languages. The properties are paired by object name and property name. After that pairing further filtering is possible and it is described below in this document. If you already know both languages then you can edit the values directly, otherwise you may export it to a CSV file.

What is a Property?

The property has meaning of a descriptional text element of an object. For example for Product object there are text multilingual  properties like Product name, Short description and Full description. A Category object has Name and Description as properties that can be translated. Various other nopCommerce objects and many plugins have also translatable properties.

How to use:

  1. Select two different languages.
  2. Select the primary filter based on which the resources will be matched. There are four options to choose how the resource will be matched.
    • Second is empty – this filter returns paired properties based on whether the second property is empty.
    • All – this filter returns all paired properties.
    • Same values – this filter returns all paired properties which contain same values.

With these two steps the initial matching of the resources between two languages is done.

In case you need to find a specific resource name or text further filtering is possible directly on a column.

  1. On the right side in the column’s header is the filter icon where a specific value can be applied to search by and the type of the operation.
    • Contains – this option specifies that the value has to be in the text no matter the position of the value.

For convenience the retrieved paired resource are separated in pages which can be checked one by one.

Export to CSV:

If you have to provide some text to a translator you can export the values into a CSV file. When you export the results to a CSV file the same filter is applied as the one for the search operation – respectively you should see the same resources into the CSV file. There are two settings that can be adjusted for the exported CSV.

  • Current page only – this setting specifies whether only the current(visible) page with results should be exported to the CSV file or the whole result(all the pages).
  • CSV Value Delimiter – this setting specifies the type of the delimiter which can be one of these three types:
    • Current Culture – gets the default delimiter from the current culture for user and use it as delimiter between the values into the result.
    • comma – sets commas as delimiters between the values into the result.
    • semicolon – sets semicolons as delimiters between the values into the result.

Customer Activity log

The plugin provides its own activity type called “ComExten Property Translation: Edit Property Value”


The plugin provides its own permission called “Admin area. Access Property Translation Plugin”. Only users granted permissions are able to access the plugin.